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Adele & The Chandeliers

Single-Up There For Thinking

Recorded Brisbane. 2022

Adele & The Chandeliers

Album: First Date

Recorded Brisbane. 2020


Adele & The Chandeliers

7inch vinyl:AA side: German On My Mind/Something Good Is Happening.

Recorded in Brisbane.2019

Adele Pickvance

Debut EP: My White Rabbit.

Recorded in Sydney. 2016  

The Mumps

EP. Self titled.

Recorded In Sydney.2016


Album; Carrington Street.

Recorded in Sydney.2012

Glitterhouse Records.

Scott Spark

Album: Fail Like You Mean It.

Recorded in Brisbane. 2010


Robert Forster

Album:The Evangelist:

Recorded in London. UK.2008



EP. Self-titled.

Recorded in Brisbane.2007

Adele Pickvance

Write Your Adventures Down. 

The Go-Betweens Tribute double album.

Recorded in Sydney 2007

The Go-Betweens 

DVD: That Striped Sunlight Sound

Live at The Tivloli- Brisbane . 2006

Album: Live In London.

Recorded at The Barbican-London.2005

Album: Oceans Apart

Recorded in London. 2005

(ARIA award for Best Adult Contemporary album and Australian Music Prize nomination.)

Album: Bright Yellow Bright Orange

Recorded in Melbourne-2003

Album: The Friends Of Rachel Worth

Recorded in Portland. USA- 2000

The Dave Graney Show

Album: Heroic Blues-

Recorded in Melbourne-2002.

Sountrack album- Bad Egg.

Recorded in Melbourne.

Album: The Brother Who Lived

Recorded in Melbourne-2003

Album: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Recorded in Melbourne-2000

Album: The Dave Graney Show

Recorded in Melbourne-1998

Astrid Munday

Album: Apparition. 

Recorded in Melbourne 1998

The FarOutCorporation

Album: Self-titled.

Recorded in Brisbane.1998

The Natives Of Bedlam.

Album: self-titled album released by Larrikin Records.

Recorded in Brisbane 1996


Keep Off The Grass.



Evan And Adele

Album: Stinky The Dead Horse. 

Recorded in Brisbane -1997

Prodigal Leap


Recorded in Brisbane 1994






















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