Adele & The Chandeliers


Adele & The Chandeliers formed in 2018 when Adele met  Scott Mercer, a fellow 4ZZZ annoucer to join the band  while volunteering at the Brisbane community radio station 4ZZZ . Scott (Harley Young and The Haymakers, We All Want To, )plays electric guitar. In turn he brought in his friend Ash Shanahan (Harley Young and The Haymakers, Hands On Heart) to plays drums. The first song recorded was 'German On My Mind' - equal parts high-tension riffs, post-punk energy and Germanic rock throb trapped in a new wave echo-chamber.

Adele's intentions in German On My Mind are questioned by Karin Bäumler (partner and bandmate of Robert Forster) who joined the recording session to deliver curious interjections in her native Bavarian. The 2nd song, Something Good Is Happening, is also recorded at Incremental Records, Brisbane. A studio run by Cameron Smith who engineered and mixed the 2 singles.

Mastered by Micky Young.

The 2 singles are available via Adele & The Chandeliers Bandcamp  page or live their live shows , as a AA sided  7" inch tasty orange vinyl record.

Also available on all digital platforms.

Adele & The Chandeliers continued with a few more sessions at Incremental Records and finish the album before the first lockdown of COVID in  March 2020.

10 songs, including a cover of Love You More by Buzzcocks. Pete Shelley being a big influence in Adele's songwriting for The Chandeliers

The debut album "First Date" is about cheeky flings with love and life, long and short.

First Date is released in Australia on Adele's record label, Orange Carpet Records and internationally on the great Spanish label, Pretty Olivia Records.